Thursday, 27 October 2016

Intertextuality Analysis: Taylor Swift - Love Story

'Love Story"' is a song by the artist Taylor Swift of which was released in 2009, the lyrics and visuals for the song were encouraged by the classic film 'Romeo & Juliet'. Thus making the aim of the music video to be a modernised version of the story, this is achieved through the lyrics of the song. This particular intertextuality is homage as it refers to the original yet it isnt a parody instead it shows respect towards the play.

The intertextual link is to Romeo & Juliet, of which is evident through the mise-en-scene. Taylow Swift, who portrays Juliet, is shown here waiting on her balcony in her gown as she waits for Romeo. Suggesting she is the damsel in distress waiting for her hero.

The setting of the music video is displayed through this scene, as it portrays the formal dancing within the ballroom.

In conclusion, the purpose of Taylor Swift selecting this intertextuality, is to portray a tragic love story of which the audience could recognise. Not only this but it intertwines with her lyrics as they show clear links to love yet with the help of the intertextual connection, it allows Taylor to portray her message efficiently.